Memorial Arch Pic

Purpose of the Society:

The purpose of forming the Cameron & Bourdages Memorial Society is to design and construct a public memorial in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan to honour our fallen RCMP members, Constable Robin Cameron and Constable Marc Bourdages, and all peace officers who have served and continue to serve with courage and dedication.

Purpose of the Memorial:

The purpose of the Memorial is to offer a positive and peaceful space to pay respect to Constable Robin Cameron and Constable Marc Bourdages and peace keepers across Canada and around the world.


In 2006 Constable Robin Cameron and Constable Marc Bourdages were attending a call while on duty in Spiritwood when they were shot and later succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

The community of Spiritwood chose to recognize the sacrifice of these two Constables by naming the local ice arena the “Bourdages Cameron Arena.”   Since then, the community built a new arena/multiplex centre, which has been renamed after a generous donation from a large corporate sponsor, leaving the old arena slated for demolition.

It became clear that Spiritwood needed a public memorial to commemorate and recognize its own fallen Constables.  The Cameron & Bourdages Memorial Society was created out of this.

The Cameron & Bourdages Memorial Society includes a variety of members from Spiritwood and area, all united behind a common goal.   Furthermore the town of Spiritwood has assisted the Society by donating a parcel of land for the park to be built on, and have agreed to maintain it after the Memorial Park is built.  Robin and Marc’s families have blessed the idea of the Memorial Park and have been involved in the planning to honour their loved ones.

The Cameron & Bourdages Memorial Society’s vision is to construct a Memorial Park that is a place of peace, remembrance, pride and gathering for the community of Spiritwood and surrounding areas.  We continue to work towards completion of this park and are proud and excited about what we have accomplished so far.

This park has been a light that has come out of a dark and tragic event from our community’s past.